June 16, 2019

In my message "The Flow On Effect" I spoke about how uniting with people means that we come under whatever is flowing from their lives. This works in a positive way, as Psalm 133 describes, but also in a negative way as 2 Cor 6:14 states.

In speaking about "being unequ...

March 25, 2019

                      (Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)

Last year I did a unit of study called "Psychology of Emotion". It was a fantastic unit, and I learnt so much ab...

March 18, 2019

Here's the model that I've been using over the series "Untangling Emotions" to help us see where emotions sit in us. Here are a few things to note:

- This model is very simplified. There is a lot more interaction between the different elements. For example, after behavi...

March 10, 2019

One of the questions that came up through our Lift Talks was how to know who you are, to hear that voice that lets you know what is the right thing to do. I believe that this comes down to knowing your values.

Our values guide our decisions and they are meant to be the...

March 6, 2019

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On Sunday I got to speak about emotions. I spoke from what I'm learning in psychology, in the Bible, as well as in my ex...

February 24, 2019

                     (Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash)

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able t...

February 5, 2019

                     (Photo by Baim Hanif on Unsplash)

Heb 5:11-14

We have much to say about this, but it is hard to make it clear to you because you no longer try to understand. In fact, though by this time you ought to...

December 4, 2018

The covenants that God makes in the Bible give us a glimpse into His heart for humanity, and His plan for our redemption. On Sunday I spoke about the Abrahamic covenant, but there is one covenant mentioned earlier than that, and it is the Noahic covenant.

The first time...

October 30, 2018

                      (Photo by Elaine Casap on Unsplash)

I love finding out that our current advances in research constantly is in alignment with what was written millen...

October 2, 2018

                      (Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash)

In preparing for my message on whether God is sovereign and/or good (podcast available here: https://bit.ly/2OpcgeR), I came across this thought:

"Pain i...

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