If you are new to Lift Church, here are 4 available next steps you could look into. Note that our Growth Track runs as one of the Lift Groups. We hope you find something that suits you!



Sign Up For

The City


Join a Lift Group


Be a part of the crew

The City is Lift's online network that helps connect and inform the church about upcoming events and needs.


The City allows you to:

  • Find a Lift Group

  • Find opportunities to serve

  • RSVP to Church Events

  • Communicate within groups

  • Share Prayer Requests

  • Share Needs

  • Ask Questions

  • Interact with Pastors & Leaders

  • Receive church-wide updates


Click the link below to find out how to sign up for the City:

Lift Groups generally run weekly during the school terms, and allows us to build authentic and supportive relationships within the church.


There will be a whole myriad of groups to choose from to suit your current life situation, so we hope that you will be able to find one that is just right for you!


If you are relatively new to Lift Church, we highly recommend attending Ground Floor, which is run as one of our Lift Groups. In this group we will share the heart and mission that undergirds all that we do as a church. We also spend some time finding out your talents and their place in our community.


Available Lift Groups are announced towards the end of each term through our Sunday Experience and the City. For more info, contact info@theliftchurch.com.au.

From the set up to the creative elements, the crew is our team that helps make our Lift Experiences possible. Whether you are available during the week, or only on Sundays, we can find a roster that suits you.


Being a part of the crew gives you the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself, and give back to the community too!


Chat to any of our crew during our Sunday Experience about being a part of the crew, or get in touch with our office!



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