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January 25, 2018

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"Prayer can open doors to rooms we never thought we could enter"

January 27, 2017


I have a bit of a thing for people who work closely with Kings – I think it’s because I would love to be in a position like that one day! I admire men and women in the Bible like Nehemiah, Daniel & Esther, who acted with courage, integrity and wisdom, and who significantly influenced the rulers of their time.

The exciting thing is that on a few occasions I have had prophetic words spoken over me about being in positions where, like Nehemiah, Daniel & Esther, I get to serve rulers and leaders for the glory of my King. In different expressions, I believe that all of us are called to bring God’s Kingdom in to our spheres; to be light and salt where God has placed us.


But just like these game-changers, we will be faced with pretty daunting situations. Nehemiah received threats when rebuilding Jerusalem. Daniel was pressured to conform to ungodly practices. Queen Esther could have lost her life in bringing the Jews’ case before the King. Even though each of these had their terrifying moments, they also had a commonality that extinguished the roar of fear and timidity. They were people who devoted themselves to prayer.

Prayer positions us to know that we are called by God. It’s through praying to our Maker, that we know that we are exactly the man or woman for the job. Their lives remind me that when we devote our calling to God in prayer, we can open doors to rooms we never thought we could enter.

I have seen doors open for myself personally and more recently for Lift (my church), and I can humbly say that these doors would simply not be opened if it were up to my human strength. And I am confident that this is only the beginning!! I truly believe it’s because God has stamped us with His unmerited favour, and we in response have partnered with the Heavens praying, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done.”

And now for some tips on prayer, ‘cos a blog ain’t a blog without some practicals… Try these on for size:

If you’re wanting to devote yourself to prayer a good way to get started is to...
-       Pray with other people! Accountability will make us do crazy things. Right now I am competing in a Fitbit Challenge to outstep my friends this week, and I’ve packed in 2 x 9km runs in 3 days just to get my step count past my sister-in-laws who went to the zoo with her boys on Monday. CRAZY I KNOW! But about prayer… Our church database doubles as an online community, and it has a function that allows you to share your prayer requests with others and support others by telling them you’re praying for them (wouldn’t it be awesome to have convo’s about prayer on other social media platforms ;)). Nate & I also make it a habit of praying with our core team when we gather for meetings; we want praying leaders, so we gotta be leaders who pray!

-       Which brings me to… When you say you’re going to pray for someone, actually do it! Someone said this to me a few years back and it convicted me to my core. I had been on staff at a church for years and I just got used to the many prayer requests that would come across my path. It got to a point where I wouldn't pray for half the things I said I would pray for. Now I do whatever it takes to be a woman of my word; from making a note in my phone, to praying for the person right there and then.

I hope you will join me in making this year #stronger17 through prayer!


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