June 16, 2019

April 28, 2019

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January 25, 2018

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Significance in Time Management

March 14, 2017


"I never thought of happiness that way!" was one of the feedback I got from Sunday. I love happiness, and I would choose to be happy if I could. But as I have gone through life, and through a bit of research, I'm seeing how happiness is deceitful. It promises that everything is going to be "good", but often it just makes you feel good temporarily.


In terms of time management - being productive and effective at life, "significance" has become... well.... more significant. Often we are taught with time management to take into account importance and urgency. Search it up on google and you'll see what I mean. But recently I heard a podcast that spoke of needing to build in significance into that decision-making framework. Significance speaks of impact over time. The results might not be immediate, but given enough time, they will be significant.


In other words, sometimes we find it hard to choose what we should be doing now because everything seems important. But when you think about the continued impact certain actions can have, they are more significant than other options. For example, it is more significant for me to put in time with my wife than for me to finish my message for Sunday. In that particular moment it might not seem that way. But if I continue to neglect my marriage, there will be significant damage.


Understanding significance will allow us to make better choices on what we put our effort and time into now. Is that friendship one of significance? Or is it just "important for now"? Or worse yet, is it just convenient to keep? How are you going with your work or studies? Are you choosing to do significant work no matter how small it might seem today? Or are you just allowing life to steer you along?


Living a significant life takes work. It is intentional and deliberate. But a significant life pays for the effort with meaning and fulfillment.

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