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January 25, 2018

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Changing Appetites for Christ

May 26, 2017


As I sit at a café writing this, looking at the mud cake I regret ordering, I can’t help but think how much my appetite has changed. I used to be able to stomach - who am I kidding, I LOVED a nice piece of chocolate cake - but tonight I realise how much my tolerance for chocolate-y goodness has declined.


For the last 4 years or so I have been making healthier decisions in my diet. Each small decision has led me to a place now where when I do fancy an indulgent treat, I simply cannot enjoy it. I want my money back.


But of course the regret I feel right now, is a good thing (even though the feeling itself isn’t). It shows me that my appetite and taste has changed from food that steals energy, to food that fuels my body!


This brings me to the actual reason for this blog post – that beautiful word ‘Sanctification’.

Sanctification is the process of you and I becoming more like our Saviour Jesus. Having opened ourselves up to God so that He can do a transforming work in us, eventually we find ourselves with a changed appetite – not being able to stomach the beliefs, influences and situations we used to be okay with.

  • I used to be absolutely dandy with buying a new item of clothing . Now, I barely get the itch to spend my money in this way.

  • I enjoy some of the genres of music I used to like as a teen; I’m just more picky about what the artist is singing about now.

  • This one can affect my ability to socialise – movies and television shows. While most people binge on drama and sexualised content… I can’t even. I am a visual learner so these things just stick in my head, and you know what they say, “once you see it, you can’t unsee it.” So I prefer not see it.


You might not relate to these examples but I hope there are things the world presents to you that you can’t stomach anymore. This is where we can start feeling out of place or out of step with the world. But I think God uses these feelings to remind us of something far more significant…


You and I, now sons and daughters of God, no longer belong to this world but to our Father’s Heavenly Kingdom. We were bought with a price, not to continue in our sinful ways that steal from us (like cake), but to actually become more like our Saviour who gave His life in our place. Us becoming more like Him is of far greater value, to us and to the world we live in, than indulging in everything the world offers us.


Why? Because our Sanctification paves the way for God to be known here on earth. When we are becoming more like the person who embodied Love, we too bring that love in to our homes, schools, work places, and circles of influence. I don’t have to watch Riverdale to console a hurting young person. I don’t have to ingest a dirty joke and retell it to bring a smile to a person battling depression. I am still convinced that the deepest longing of the human heart is unconditional and unadulterated love, and the only way for me to get this to people is to continually receive it from the One who is Love.


Not only do we love people better but Sanctification creates in us a palate for Heavenly things! Naturally, we become discontent with the injustices and sin in our world. This unquenchable desire to bring God’s solution to problems we feel strongly about can be a great indicator of what we’re meant to do with our lives. But we won’t feel like anything is wrong in our world or be moved to do anything about it, if we don’t first spend time with the One whose heart longs for humanity’s restoration.


Just as tonight’s cake showed me the change in my appetite from food that steals from me to food that fuels my body, this process of Sanctification has helped me realise the things that have stolen from my life and my faith. Sanctification keeps turning my appetite toward the things that fuel my faith and purpose here on earth, and toward the things that truly satisfy.


I hope you will join me on this adventure of opening yourself up to God every day. I do this by spending time with Him in His Word, by entrusting things to Him in prayer, and placing my day in His hands.


With love (& cake),

Bec x

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