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April 28, 2019

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January 25, 2018

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Learning from Regrets

January 16, 2018

                     Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash


Yesterday I sent an enquiry to a Bible College about starting a degree with them. As much as it excites me to be going back to study and the journey toward reaching some personal goals, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous…


Have you ever taken a risk, only to fall flat on your face?


Straight after highschool I took the plunge to study Psychology at university. I say “plunge” because my highschool subjects were a mix of vocational and TEE, so I actually got into Psychology with a scholarship – not a TER.


I had some reservations about whether I was able to perform academically at this level because in highschool I enjoyed the practical, hands on subjects, more (way more!) than research, essay writing, theory etc.


To cut a long story short, this decision to go to uni quickly turned into a regret. After 1 semester I dropped out and changed direction completely – Psychology and I were done!


Nothing’s wasted with God!


Often when we take a good risk and it goes horribly wrong we wonder, what happened?? How did I get this so wrong?


In this particular scenario I learnt 2 things about decision-making:


1. What we want colours our ability to judge wisdom from folly.

Why did I go ahead with the decision to go to uni in the first place? Because I wanted to. It was all part of the life plan I had dreamt up for myself, and the plan felt good! Have you ever been so fixed on what you want that you don’t even stop to think whether it’s what God wants for you? The Bible talks about our heart being deceptive (Jeremiah 17:9). Basically “listening to your heart” won’t really help you a whole lot in decision-making.


A good question to ask your self is ‘how can I judge whether I’m making a wise or foolish decision?’ The book of Proverbs is choc full of wisdom, so try starting there. Brownie points if you can sort out some of these measures before your next big decision!


2. God can direct our decision-making with His peace.

The night before my classes began, I experienced a panic attack. I had never had one up until that night, and have never had one since. In the moment I was so confused as to why I was feeling overwhelmed with anxiety, but in hindsight the only thing I can put it down to was God’s peace wasn’t on the decision I had made (Phil 4:6-7).


Ask yourself, where is God’s peace (or where is it not)? If you’re having trouble working out whether you feel God’s peace or your emotions, understand that God’s peace backs up His Word. If you feel right about doing something that is inline with Biblical principles, then it’s most likely God’s peace! Feeling happy/content/excited is based on happenings, so when your situation changes those emotions will too (knowing this has been super helpful for an excitable person like me. I now know to hold off on making a decision straight away so I can really test whether I was just excited or whether I sensed God’s peace!).


Here’s to taking risks and going #beyondzero in 2018!

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