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April 28, 2019

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Lift's 3 Core Values

January 25, 2018

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Lift's 3 Core Values

January 25, 2018

                     Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash


I am seriously stoked!


A couple of weeks ago we gathered a group of our Lifters together with the express aim of articulating our Core Values. Following the framework Patrick Lencioni uses in understanding values, we spent a large chunk of the day putting on paper a whole bunch of values that we do have as a church. The hard part was getting to the heart of our church: its core values. We understand our core values to be inherent in our church, something that comes naturally to us. It also sets us apart from other churches; not that we are trying to compare or bring about competition. No! These core values help us to know where our strengths lie, and the uniqueness God has brought us together to show.


So, let me introduce you to Lift's 3 Core Values!


1. Where your name matters.


What we arrived at pretty quickly was that FAMILY means a lot to us. And we do family extremely well. But we felt that the word “family” might not mean the same thing to everyone. So we came up with the phrase “Where your name matters”. Why? Because your name captures who you are. When a person's name is mentioned, the person's identity often comes attached with it. We want to build deep community, where you can be open and vulnerable. And on the other hand, we do what it takes to get to know people, empathise with them, and to KNOW them.

Plus, this gives us a way to remind ourselves, are we getting to know new people’s names?

2. Where we bring a lift to our community.


Our heart is that Lift won’t just be a church building that people walk past. But people get to know us as THAT church that did something for me or for the community. That’s why we want to keep going with our Pop Up Carnivals this year because we are fast becoming THAT carnival church. That place where our kids had such a good time. Where people were so friendly and nice. Lift Talks are also designed with our community in mind. We also partner with community organisations that are doing great work in our community. We don’t want to be inward-focused.


We also want people to catch that they have a community, a sphere of influence that they can personally bring a lift to.

3. Where ceilings are meant to be broken.

When we arrived at this phrase we all agreed there was such an energy about it! This phrase describes the value we place on growth and leadership. We believe that God has an amazing life for each and every person, and it often comes in seed form. We believe that growth doesn’t happen accidentally, but deliberately, and often it feels like there is a ceiling that needs to be broken before we enter that new phase of life.

When we came up with this phrase we also saw how well it fits with how we lead Lift. So many times people have prophesied and spoken into Lift, saying that we are going to be different. That we are going to rethink the way church is done. We are going to swim in our own lane. There are ceilings that we need to break!



These core values resound deeply within me. In essence they capture what Lift looks like. I'm also excited about how these will shape our decision-making as we step into the future. If you're a Lifter can I encourage you to get these 3 phrases into your heart? Together we will see this continue on from generation to generation!


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