June 16, 2019

April 28, 2019

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January 25, 2018

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To be yoked

June 16, 2019

In my message "The Flow On Effect" I spoke about how uniting with people means that we come under whatever is flowing from their lives. This works in a positive way, as Psalm 133 describes, but also in a negative way as 2 Cor 6:14 states.


In speaking about "being unequally yoked", I pointed out how we need to be uniting with people who are heading in the same direction as us, that is moving more and more towards God. But what does this look like?


First and foremost I believe that this starts from having a heart that desires what God desires. Now we are never perfect in our desire, but do you seek after God and want to know what He has for you? If not, why not? As we have been speaking about all series, knowing the design of God truly gives us clarity on our purpose and confidence in our identity. Seeking after God is the only way to find true satisfaction in life.


If you determine that you have a heart that desires what God desires, then have a look at the people in your life. Are they going after what you are going after? And how much do you allow them to have input in your life and your identity? The level of input you give a person is an indication of how yoked you are to them. This can be difficult as you'll need to really look deep and hard to discover how you've allowed people to speak into your life. Then ask yourself if the input they have has helped move you closer toward God or not.


If you have not allowed good people who intend to support and build you up in this journey in to your life, then you might want to ask yourself why that is the case. The message I gave was all about how we do need to have such people in our life.


But if you realise that you have given people the authority to speak into your life that have not helped you along your journey, ask yourself how you need to adjust this relationship in your life. This could be very tricky. You have to determine the level of distance you need to give this relationship. Ask God for wisdom on how to act on this. There are some relationships that you might not be able to fully distance yourself from, for example, a spouse. But is there a way you can guard your heart from what is said and done in this relationship? I believe that if it is a relationship you cannot fully distance yourself from, it is a relationship God has in your life to learn from.


Be honest with yourself. There might be some friends and relationships that you are not meant to live under. These are probably not easy to move from, but think about all that God has for your life. There is more to gain by living with God's design for your life in mind than to take things into your own hands.


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