Lift Church was launched through HarvestNet in August 2015 in the Town of Victoria Park, Western Australia. Our Mission is to "Inspire People to Live".

Inspire: We believe in helping people through inspiration. People live best when they are inspired from within.


People: Everything we do is built for people. We place people before products.

Live: Jesus came to give us abundant life (John 10:10), and we want to inspire people to live that life.


Nate and Bec planted Lift Church after having it on their hearts for a number of years. In particular, they are passionate about seeing people live in the fullness of the life God has provided us with. They believe that relational discipleship is a huge key in seeing this happen.

Nate, an avid West Coast Eagles fan, has a B(arts) in Psychology, and is currently studying a Masters in Leadership. He is also currently serving on the ACC WA State Executive team.

Bec, a lover of indoor plants and the great outdoors, is currently studying her Bachelor of Theology. She is also a sessional lecturer at Alphacrucis College.

Nate and Bec recently welcomed Samuel into their family.