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COVID-19 Update: How we are gathering

Dear Lifter, Thank you so much for your patience as we have taken the time to develop a range of ideas on how we can gather as a church. We have got some plans in motion and we’re excited about it! A key thing that highlight: in this season we want to be a people that ENGAGE, not just CONSUME. Since we might have a lot more time at home, it can be easy to simply be taking in more and more content. Consumption of content without properly engaging with it can be dangerous. It is like swallowing a whole chicken without chewing on it! This goes for news articles, entertainment, or even Christian content. What we have created is meant to be engaged with, whether with others or through personal reflection. Take some time to think about how you can ENGAGE in this season. Here are our plans: Lift Groups We will be using Zoom to gather in small groups. Some of our amazing Lift Group leaders have put their hands up to facilitate groups in this season. All groups will be using video content that we create for our whole church to be working through the Gospel of Mark as we had previously planned. Here are the times that groups are available: Monday Night with Bec Gawel - 7.30pm Wednesday Night with Sandy Mortimer - 7pm Thursday Night with Georgia and Aidan Rowden - 7pm Sunday Morning with Ernie and Windy Ramirez - 9am

Sunday Morning with Peter and Tracy Phor - 11am You can also prepare for Lift Groups by downloading the necessary software from

Join in using this link: Or use this Meeting ID: 283 226 4384 Tuesday Zoom Prayer Meetings We will host a Zoom Prayer Meeting every Tuesday morning from 7-8am. Join in using this link: Or use this Meeting ID: 283 226 4384 Sunday Night Live Every Sunday from 5-6pm, we have Sunday Night Live! It’ll feature live worship and prayer time, straight from the living room of myself or one of our worship leaders! Join in using this link: Or use this Meeting ID: 283 226 4384 We do have a couple of other things in the pipeline: Lift Church App: We are about to launch a Lift Church App that has been in the works for a few months now! This app features a prayer request section and a forum, allowing us more real time communication with the whole church fam. Stay tuned for its release! Lift Kids Hangs: Josh is working on a weekly Lift Kids show that will come out every Friday. These will feature kid’s activities and content to help families in this season. Married with Kids Show: I am looking at a weekly Zoom hang for couples. This is for dating couples, married couples, and parents. We’ll chat about married life and parenting. Families are such an important part of the fabric of society and we want to use this season to build into them! We’re looking at Monday during the day sometime. Please let me know if there is a time that works for people. Theology Thursdays: During the lunch break on Thursday, I’ll be answering your theological questions on Instagram Live! Start sending your questions through! Launch Team: As we head into a new season, I really feel that it is time to prepare for a relaunch of sorts for Lift. When the ban on gatherings is over, we will move into Lift 2.0! If you want to be part of this new launch, we are looking at Tuesday night Zoom hangs starting soon. The focus of this will be leadership training for now. Please register your interest for this. There is no reason why we can’t get stronger and healthier as a church and as individuals in this season. Continue to connect with one another, and use the above ways to gather together as a church family! Much love, Nate and Bec

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